Byker Primary School


Morning team! We hope you are well and keeping busy at home! We would love to know what you have been up to! Below I have copied a link to a website where you can listen to Harry Potter and the Phiosopher's stone audio book for free! You don't need to make an account, just hit the play button, sit back and relax. You could follow along with your book too. Stephen Fry is brilliant at putting on all the voices for the character  - I am sure his Hagrid voice is much better than mine and maybe even better than Mrs McKenna's - haha! 

Harry Potter Audio Book:

JK Rowling has also created a brilliant website with LOADS of fabulous and fun activities linked to Harry Potter. The link is below:




We have attached your optional work for the day below.

Maths - Day two of temperature


We have attached two pages of temperature questions. At the very most, please spend an hour on this piece of work - no more.smiley

Hello again smiley


We are continuing with our persuasive writing today! We hope you are doing well at home guys!

We hope to see you soon!