Byker Primary School


Happy Friday everybody!

Last bits of work for the week are:


1. Read a book or magazine (15 minutes) 

2. English (35-40 minutes) 

3. Mental Maths (20 minutes)

4. Exercise- play in your garden, go for a walk, ride your bike or follow a youtube video. It doesn't matter what you do, just get moving (30 minutes) 



Have a lovely weekend, 


Miss McCowie and Mrs Quinn heart

heartThe more you give away the more happy you become.
Why fit in when you were born to stand out?
Dr. Suessheart

You will see on today's Maths Gym that there are some questions that ask you to find a fraction of an amount.

I have added a 'Tip' but you may find these videos helpful if you are feeling unsure of how to work out the answer. They can be tricky! Please don't worry we will work through these together back at school but in the meantime I hope you enjoy these videos and why not try the quiz questions! smiley Have fun...good luck!