Byker Primary School


Mental Maths. Please only complete the questions for your group colour. smiley

Maths. Rounding to the nearest 10! Find your group colour below and complete the work sheet.


Quick tip:


74 rounded to the nearest 10 =  70

75 rounded to the nearest 10 =  80


5 and above, give it a shove!

4 and below, keep it low! 

English. Room 13.


Today we will be writing the opening to our own story using inspiration from the book Room 13.


Imagine you are Fliss. Begin your story from the terrifying nightmare you have before the trip. Can you make your story different? Still keep the creepy house but perhaps something different happens to you in there. Finish your opening when you finally wake up panicking. 


Remember to use I all the way through as you are writing as Fliss. 

I have left a word bank to help you. Good luck! devil

Geography: Our Local Area.


Look at these popular landmarks in Byker. Can you think of three reasons for each landmark for why they have had a positive impact on our local area?


For example, the Morrisons in Byker:


1. They provide jobs for people in the local area.


2. The supermarket provides opportunities for elderly people to buy important products such as food and drink.


3. The petrol station provides petrol and diesel to vehicles in the local area.