Byker Primary School


Hi Year 4,


We can't believe it is Thursday already.  It seems like the Easter break was weeks ago!  We are all back in the swing of things with our Maths and English work.  Well done guys!


We hope you enjoyed yesterdays tasks.  Maths was a little different from your usual mental maths, but we are sure you aced it.  The answers are here today for you to tick or fix.  Did you enjoy reading about Bopper the Border Collie?  How sad that he could be neglected so badly by his first owners!! Luckily, the shelter were on hand to save the day.  Today's writing task is linked to helping new pet owners understand the importance of taking care of our pets properly.  We are sure you'll love it.


Here are today's tasks.  Remember they are here as ideas if your feeling up to the challenge.  Don't worry, just do what you can. 


1.  Mark Yesterday's maths (5 minutes)

2. Mark Yesterday's Reading Activity (5 minutes)

3. Re-read the report about 'How to care for a dog' (10 minutes)

4. Writing Activity - Write a letter to Jim to help him care for his new dog (25 minutes)

5. Maths Activity. Only complete 1.  Remember task 2 is a little harder than task 1. (25 minutes)

6. Take a look at the 'Glee' star on the class page.  Mrs Barnes has chosen 14 of her favourite songs and written a script.  She would love to know what you think.  Anyone from Year 1 - 6 can take part.  It's her new project for 'Glee Club' when we return to school.

7.  Create a poster telling people that having a pet is a huge responsibility and include facts about what animals need. (20 minutes)


Well another day of learning has begun.  We miss you all so much!  Keep up the good work.


Ms Jarvis, Mrs Barnes and Mr Goldsbrough