Byker Primary School


Morning! Are we ready for a new day of challenges? We certainly hope so! Enjoy smiley

So, today we have some multi-step problems for you to try - this means there are two steps to each question.

Here is an example:   457 + 184 + _________ = 984


FIRST STEP: Add up the two numbers in the question (457+184 = 641).

SECOND STEP: Take away your answer, from the actual answer provided in the question (984 - 641 = 343).

Your final answer will need to go in the space (343).


I have included also two challenges at the bottom, give them a go. I will be posting the answers to those two questions tomorrow so you can see if you have got them right. Please only spend an hour on this work. Good luck!

English task


Using the picture below, write a story about the Wolf lurking in the forest.