Byker Primary School


Hello our lovely Year 5's, Miss Ruffman and Mr Thacker here!smiley

Today you have a Harry Potter themed writing task to complete and some Roman Numeral questions too - just click the files attached below to see the activities.


Remember, when you work out Roman numerals.. the rules are important...

  • Only 3 of the same Roman Numeral in a row e.g.  XXX = 30

  • As a result of the rule above, the number 4 = IV (1 before 5). 4 would not be written as XXXX.


We have attached the numeral key used in class to help you!

Good luck!


If you would like an extra challenge, why not go on Maths Prodigy? I can't wait to see your scores in the different quizzes I have set up smiley.