Byker Primary School


Morning Year 4,


This is a message from your friendly teachers, hoping you are all well. Today, we have planned the following activities for you. Please don't worry if you can't complete them today, we are just making sure that those who want some work to do, have something available for them. If you think of any extra bits and pieces of work, just pop them in your work books. We will check in with you all daily. 


1. 10 minutes reading from your reading book, Serial Purple Mash, or a book/magazine of your choice.

2. Mental Maths (answers will be uploaded the following day, so get ticking!).

3. Reading Comprehension.

4. Writing activity. 

5. Maths activity, based on what you have been taught already this year.

6. Extra activity. Draw a picture of a Roman soldier. Think about all of the equipment they will need to go to battle. Can you label your drawing correctly, using information from the following website:


See you tomorrow for more fun, fun, fun!


Keep smiling,




Mr Goldsborough, Ms Jarvis and Mrs Barnes

There are two mental maths activities and two main maths activities. You only need to do one them. If you would like to do two - that would be amazing. Remember, just do what you can!