Byker Primary School


It's Fantastic Friday Year 1!


Have you got anything planned for the weekend?

Have you enjoyed our MONSTER WEEK?


Today's activities:

1)Literacy- You are going to write a wanted poster for the monster you made yesterday, use the adjectives you came up with to help.

2)Numeracy- Can you measure the heights of your monsters and put them in order?

3)Phonics- We are going to have another practice of our sound from yesterday 'wh'.


If you have enjoyed our story "Don't call me sweet." we have found a number of really lovely monster stories. The links to the YouTube page where you can listen to these stories is down below. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did. 


yesRemember only do what you can. Take some time to have fun as well!yes


As it is half term next week we will not be uploading any work. We think you have been trying really hard with your work at home and deserve a week to enjoy doing whatever you want! The year 1 team is so proud of you all and how you have adapted to home learning (we know it's not easy) If you do wish to do any work you could go back through the work that has been uploaded.


Have a lovely half term!


Miss Henderscare, Mrs McMonster and the Year 1 Team