Byker Primary School


Hello Year 4, 


I can't believe I am saying this, but we have completed the first part of Summer term in lockdown. You have all done amazingly well to stay focused and motivated at home. We can't tell you enough how proud we are of you all!


As it is the end of this half term, I thought we could do something different in Maths today. We have done something similar during a Maths day and you all loved it. What I want you to do is design your own theme park. All you need is any kind of paper and some colouring pencils if you have them. When you add something to your park like a rollercoaster, you can add up the cost to other things you have bought. Use column addition to help you! I have added some items that you might want to include, but if you can think of others and a fair price for them, then feel free to add them too!


Activity 2 is SPaG. The second worksheet is a little trickier, so do what you can.


1. Design your theme park and add up the cost (20-30mins).

2. SPaG (15-20mins)

3. Mark SPaG (5-10mins) 

4. Reading. Have a read of a book, magazine, newspaper or one of the e-books on Purple Mash.


Have a fab week off everyone and we will see you soon (in person hopefully!)


Stay safe,


Ms Jarvis, Mrs Barnes and Mr Goldsborough