Byker Primary School


Good morning Year 4,


We hope you all enjoyed the sun yesterday! It was a beautiful day to sit in the garden or take your daily exercise.  We are so proud of the way you are handling this strange situation, your maturity always shines through!  Remember you are all doing an amazing job keeping your family and friends safe by staying at home.    


We hope you enjoyed your mental maths and as always the answers are below for you to tick or fix.  We cant wait to hear those stories too.  What an emotional video clip.    


Here are today's tasks. Do what you can and don't worry about anything.  Your happiness and health are the most important things to us :-) !!!!


1. Mark your Mental Maths ( 5 minutes)

2. Reading Activity - Bopper the Border Collie ( 25 minutes)

3. Complete one Maths Activity. Remember number 2 is slightly harder. (25 minutes)

4. Try a coding game on purple mash, play TT Rockstars or read something of your own choice( 10 minutes)


Enjoy today's tasks and we hope you and your families are still smiling.


Mrs Barnes, Ms Jarvis and Mr Goldsborough