Byker Primary School


Has anyone got that Friday feeling? We made it to the end of another week! So that can only mean one thing... you deserve a break, a rest, some chill time! 


Take the time to perhaps phone a friend or write them a note. We know how much you will have missed them. Maybe, you could practise a new hobby or take a little extra fresh air.


Stay safe, keep washing your hands, meet up with one other person outside but keep 2 meters apart! And... keep SMILING! You are all amazing! laugh

How to NOT go to SCHOOL 

Read chapter 5 and answer these questions:

1.Which feeling stones (if any)do you feel right now?
2.Does any one else in your family feel like any of the feelings stones?
3.Is it ok to feel that way?
4.Do dragons like soup?????



Your creative task: Find some stones and paint on feelings:

Use an emoji face or just draw related pictures
Draw with a pencil first then paint!

English- Friday fun!

Have a go at writing your own rainforest acrostic poem.