Byker Primary School


Hello again Year 4,


Happy Thursday!  You have nearly completed another week of ‘Cyber school’!  Where have the weeks gone?  Time seems to be flashing before our very eyes.  The sunshine is defiantly helping!  It makes us smile and brightens up those blue days.  You will be pleased to know that after tomorrow it is May half term.  We are sure you will enjoy a well-deserved rest!  But if you feel like keeping yourself busy, we will add some activities to our Year 4 page.


Did you enjoy your wellness activities last week?  Mrs Barnes’ children particularly liked the ‘Making a jar of smiles activity’.  Her daughters are finding things a little tougher this week, just like some of you will be.  They are missing their friends and family.  And … their teachers!!  So… we really do need to keep looking after our mind and body during this strange time, so try to find activities that make you happy.  It might be playing in the garden or arts and crafts activities.  It might be reading or playing a board game.  We are all different, but finding what works for you is the key.


Today’s activities lead on nicely from yesterday.  In maths you will continue to reason and problem solve, when multiplying by 10 and 100.  In English you have a non-chronological report to read about the moon.  Did you like the poem about ‘The Star’?  Poetry is something that is enjoyed by many people, young and old.  That’s because there are many different kinds of poems like; haiku, rhyming, shape, sonnet, acrostic.  The list goes on!    


Today's Tasks:

1.    Practice your times tables – TT Rock Stars, Purple Mash, or Hit the Button (15 min)

2.    Maths activity – Reasoning and Problem solving  x 10 and 100.  There are three sheets.  Just complete one and the answers are on the final page. (20 min)

3.    Mark yesterday’s reading questions (10 mins)

4.    Watch the moon videos (10 mins)

5.    Reading Activity – Moon information text and questions (30 mins)

6.    Moon Diary (Ongoing task)


You will probably have noticed that the Government keep making new announcements every few weeks.  Just remember they are trying to keep us all safe.  That is their number 1 job!  So when you’re having a blue day and things are tough, try to remember this won’t last forever and soon we will all be back together. 

Until then, stay safe, keep smiling and keep up the hard work.  We are super proud of you all!!


Mr Goldsbrough, Ms Jarvis and Mrs Barnes