Byker Primary School


Thursday already! Time is flying by! I bet some of you have lost track of the days with not being at school and writing the date. Hopefully, you are having too much fun to notice.



Mrs Cook has added a new star to the class pages called SEND advice and resources. In this star, your parents will find lots of things to support everyone during these strange times.


Tonight at 8 o'clock, we will be outside our front doors clapping for all of the fantastic key workers, hope you can too!


Once again, we have left lots of fun activities to try below. Enjoy Year 3! laugh

How to NOT go to SCHOOL 

Read chapter 4 and answer these questions:

1.What were Parsley and Bo’s motivation for learning?
2.What is your motivation for learning?
3.What else do you need to be able to learn well?


Outdoor task: Go outside and try to spot any other patterns in nature. Do you see any shapes? Are there any shapes that you don't see? Do you spot any spirals?