Byker Primary School



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Hello everyone!

What a great day yesterday was! The weather was amazing and I managed to enjoy it without getting burnt - definite ginger brownie points for that one. I also had Mrs Brewis' amazing company. She's doing really well but missing her grandkids an awful lot. I managed to be nice to her for most of the day so I'm pretty proud of myself!

Your maths for today is again stolen from BBC bitesize. I looked again to see and I really like the way that they are explaining the lesson before giving you activities. I hope you find that better as well. Today's is converting fractions to decimals, something that you may well have forgotten during this break.

A special shoutout to the 17 parents who have completed the questionnaire that was sent out about returning to school. It really helps us prepare in the best way to keep you safe. Please encourage your parents to complete it if needs be.

Stay safe, be kind and see you soon!

Mr Shield