Byker Primary School


Good morning Reception!


Another sunny day in store for us all I hope.


If you would like to start your day with a happy song and dance, below is a link to another of our Wake Up Shake Up dances.  I will be doing this at 9.00 a.m., and I hope some of you will join me and Amy to get our day off to a positive start.


Because it is going to be another beautiful Spring day it could be a great opportunity, if you can enjoy it whilst keeping safe, to use any outdoor space you have at home to play.  If you manage to go for a walk, Miss Bell has also posted a Scavenger Hunt for you to do (see Monday's post). How many things can you tick off on the list?


I have also attached below maths and phonics activities for you to do if you choose.  There are 3 activities in each, and you can choose to do all or some of these.


Wishing you a great day, have fun and keep safe.


Mrs Smith.



Good Morning Reception. 

Happy Tuesday!! I hope you are all well and continuing to keep safe in these uncertain times. 


I hope you all enjoyed yesterdays work and had fun completing it, especially the Summer scavenger hunt! If you managed to bake the cupcakes, don't forget to send photos of them to our Byker Books facebook page. 


Again, today the work is very light hearted and fun to complete. Please only do so if you wish. 

As an extra, I would like you to look through your story book collection, choose your favourite and either read it to an adult or ask an adult to read it to you before bedtime!

You will see I have added a Maths, Phonics and Science piece of work. I really hope you enjoy completing it as much as I enjoyed creating it!


I miss you all so very much, but as always boys and girls, keep smiling!!!

Miss Bell smiley

Boys and Girls, I have attached a link below to a video for you all to watch. Our very own Mrs Pace made it and WOW, it is fantastic! Enjoy... see which familiar faces you recognise!


"At Byker Primary school the children are the pot of gold, here comes the rainbow..."