Byker Primary School


Good morning Playgroup. 

Today is Tuesday.

We hope you had fun yesterday shadow drawing and were able to chase your shadow about in the lovely sunshine.

Today we thought we might enjoy doing a painting activity, we know how much you all used to love painting in school. We are thinking you might like to paint some rainbows and give them to your neighbours. We have got lots of ideas about something special. See our lesson for today.

Don’t forget our daily scavenger hunts. We hope you found all our items yesterday. We wonder what will be on the list for today.

We want you to have lots of fun together today and don’t forget you can join Mr Danquah every day for his PE lessons. 

If you can send us photos of what you have been up to we would love to see them.

Stay safe and keep washing those hands.

Love from all the playgroup staff.