Byker Primary School


Bonjour l'année 4 (Hello Year 4),

C'est le vingtieme Mai (It is the 20th May). Et le soleil brille (The sun is shining). Nous gardons tous en sécurité (We are all keeping safe). Comment ça va? (How are you?)


Are you impressed with our French?  French is not all we have been practising while we have been away from school! Mr Watson has been teaching us some music, using Charanga.  We all know how you guys love music! 


This weeks English clip leads us  nicely into a little research project we have for you.  The boy in the clip was asked by his Scout group to find out about the night sky. So ... our tasks today and tomorrow are based upon the moon and the stars.  What do you already know?  What are you going to find out?  We love science topics in Year 4, so this is going to be interesting!  There are a few clips to watch and extra activities at the bottom of the page.    


In maths we plan to carry on multiplying by 10 and 100.  This time we are going to use the skill we recapped last week and compare two totals using the < > and = symbols.  Something we all enjoy!


We hope you enjoy today's learning, but remember your happiness is the most important thing.  We miss your smiles and the fun we have together each day.  We hope you are all doing well at home and enjoying reading our daily messages.


1.   Mark yesterdays Mental maths (5 minutes)

2.   Work through today's Maths Teaching Screen. This will help to get you ready for your maths activity!

3.   Maths Activity 1,2,3 - Answer only 1 page of questions.  Each page gets a little more difficult.  Today the answers are on the final page.

4.   Watch the two videos about the stars.

5.   English activity - Star Poem and Questions

6.   Star Activity 


Take care! Enjoy cyber school!  smiley


Mrs Barnes, Ms Jarvis and Mr Goldsbrough