Byker Primary School


Hello year 1,


We hope you all had a lovely Easter holiday and are feeing happy, healthy, and safe. We are missing you all and hoping it will not be long until we can see you all again.

I hope you had a chance to look at some of our fun Easter activities.

We are back to online learning so there will be daily activities for you to have a go at. Remember you do not have to do them all just have a try and see what you can do!

Over the next week or so we have decided to focus on the story of…


You may already know the story, but we thought it is such a good story filled with magic we hope you enjoy.

Today’s activities:

  1. Literacy: We are going to read the story of Jack and the beanstalk and then try and write some magical sentences.
  2. Numeracy: We are going to look at comparing numbers and using a venn diagram.
  3. Let’s go over our tricky words.


Tricky words:

Jack and the beanstalk story:

Have fun and we will speak to you tomorrow.


Year 1 Team