Byker Primary School


Hello Year 4!


Did you manage to have a lovely Easter? It was certainly different having to stay indoors, but we hope you managed to have some fun. Maybe you played some games, watched some films or even managed to do some of the activities we set. However you entertained yourselves, we hope you enjoyed yourselves. 


Here are today's activities. As always, please do what you can. There is absolutely no pressure to complete these tasks. The most important thing is that you are safe and enjoying visiting our website.


Keep smiling!

Ms Jarvis, Mr Goldsborough and Mrs Barnessmiley


1. Reading from a book, magazine or an e-book from Purple Mash. (10 minutes)

2. Mental maths.  Remember you only need to do one of them. Mental Maths 2 is slightly harder. (25 minutes). We'll post the answers on tomorrow's page.

3. R.I.C.  (Retrieval, Interpret, Choice ) activity ( 10 - 15 minutes). There's a super video to watch for this. We think you'll like the story. We'll put the answers on tomorrow's page.

4. Writing activity based on the video clip. ( 20 minutes)