Byker Primary School


Good Morning boys and girls! Happy Wednesday...


Today is Mrs Smiths PE day, so as always, I have attached the links for both Mr. Danquahs PE channel and of course Joe Wicks. 

(my class please feel free to start your day off doing this too!)


It is all super exciting having our Caterpillars and Mrs Smith is keeping an extra close on them. Today, we are going to be focusing on measuring in Maths because Mrs Smith is keeping track of how long our Caterpillars are. (I have attached photos below). So your job today is to measure some of your own Caterpillars (don't panic parents, I'm not asking you to go hunting for Caterpillars). 

I have also attached your English work. If you choose to complete it, I hope you enjoy it. 


As always everyone...

Keep smiling!!!

Miss Bell & Mrs Smith laugh