Byker Primary School


Hello Year 2,


Welcome to wondrous Wednesday. smiley Has anybody filled in some of their wellbeing journal yet? We would love to know what you have been writing about. Maybe you could keep them safe and show us when we’re next together. Remember, especially at a time like this, your wellbeing is the most important thing. If you’re able to stay as active as you and maybe do some journaling or other mindful activities, then your mind and body will be feeling refreshed, motivated and energised. Remember though Year 2, if you are going out for exercise, you must be with an adult and you must stay safe. Maybe you could do some of Mr Danquah’s exercises at home in the garden. Even just a little bit of movement each day will make you feel great.


As well as looking after your wellbeing, you might want to have a go at today’s tasks. They are just here below. Do what you can and try your best.


You’re all doing superbly well Year 2. We miss you all more and more each day. Sending lots of smiles your way. laugh


Mrs Bradley, Miss Mackay, Mrs Brice and Mrs Cook