Byker Primary School


Good morning team 3! 

How are you feeling today? We hope that you are feeling safe, happy and healthy. It is nice to know that we are allowed out for more than one walk/ run/ bike ride now. It gives us more time to get our bodies and minds nice and healthy. We hope you are taking these opportunities as much as possible. 

If you have been checking in with us and doing some school work each day, WE ARE SO SO PROUD OF YOU. You really are all superheroes. 


As always, enjoy today's work, have fun, don't stress and take breaks. 




How to NOT go to SCHOOL 

Read chapter 3 and answer these questions:

Discussion/ Thinking

1.Do you have any imaginary friends?
2.How have you contacted friends and family during lockdown?
3.What have you missed? Have you done anything fun with friends or family?
4.What will you do with your friends when you can all meet up again?