Byker Primary School


Good Morning Reception!!


Welcome back. I really hope you have all made the most of the Easter Break (as best you can) and have had lot's of fun. The sun has been shining thankfully so hopefully you have been able to play in your outdoor space. 


I am missing you all lot's, I really hope we can all be reunited soon!


We are now welcoming in the Summer term.. WOW how quick has this academic year gone! Hopefully the weather keeps up and we can keep making use of our outdoor spaces. I have became quite the gardener over the Easter and I have to say I have thoroughly enjoyed it, why don't you see if your adults need any help with your outdoor space? I have found it very relaxing and therapeutic!


Back to schooling... again, just like before the Easter Break I will be uploading work for you to complete if you wish. Please don't feel obliged to complete it, it is totally up to yourselves. I aim to keep it light hearted and fun with lot's of learning opportunities. 


I have uploaded a little surprise at the bottom that myself and some of the wonderful staff from school made! See who you can spot? There are lot's of familiar faces! 


As always my little treasures, keep smiling! 

Miss Bell laugh


We all miss you!

Good morning Reception!


We hope you've had a lovely 2 weeks and that the Easter Bunny was able to visit and leave you lots of chocolate eggs! We also hope you managed to enjoy some of the sun we have had recently.  It isn't easy at the moment to get out and about, but if you have an outdoor space, or can go on a walk or bike ride with your family, whilst making sure you are always keeping safe, the sunshine can make you feel so much better. 


Spring has definitely sprung and Amy and I have noticed birds flying in and out of the ivy in our garden with twigs and leaves and scraps of dried grass.  What do you think they are making?  Have you seen any birds doing the same in your garden?


It is the beginning of our Summer Term, and Miss Holden, Miss Davidson and I can't help but wish we could welcome you all back into school this morning.  As I have said before, we miss you all, but know as each day goes by we are one day closer to seeing you again. 


As before the Easter break, I will continue to send you activities that will help you to practise some of the things we have already learned this year.  You will find links to activities after this note.  As usual, if you choose to do these, take your time and have fun.


Finally, Amy, Martin and I have been making some time for family reading.  This gives us the opportunity to read our favourite books and relax in our own space.  Amy has been really enjoying the free audio books that are available on Audible, and I have copied a link for you to follow so you can choose and listen to stories too.


Wishing you all a great start to the week.  Keep active, well and safe.


Mrs Smith, Miss Holden and Miss Davidson.