Byker Primary School



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Hi Everyone!

I hope you've had an amazing two weeks for Easter. The weather has been wonderful, so I hope you've had the chance to enjoy it in your gardens, or when out for your exercise. Today feels particularly weird, as we'd normally be starting the day with a serious talk about SATs only being weeks away (remember.... you're not doing them!). Instead, I want to encourage you to make the most out of this spare time that we have. Find a hobby, practise something that you've been wanting to improve on or teach yourself something new. I myself have been attempting to learn Spanish; so far I have got as far as: "Tu maestro es aprendiendo a hablar Espanol." - Not bad eh?! I've also been attempting to get fit by going on a daily run - no hysterical laughter please! This routine has really helped me stay calm and not get too frustrated at being stuck inside. What could you try?

For your maths today, I have decided to give you an arithmetic paper (I know you all loved doing them on a Friday). It will have been two weeks since you did any arithmetic so this will be the perfect re-introduction. The answers are on the last page of the paper but please don't cheat!


As always, stay safe and be kind!


Mr Shield