Byker Primary School


Hello, Year 1.

It's terrifying Tuesday today during Monster week!


Today's activities:

1)Literacy- We are going to read small parts of the story "Don't call me sweet." Can you find all of the adjectives? Then can you come up with your own monstrous adjectives to describe the monster in the book?

2)Numeracy- We are visiting Byter Primary, let's see what monsters go to this school?

3)Phonics-We are recapping over some sounds we have been learning.

4)Choose- You could do a P.E challenge or make up a dance for the song 'Monster mash.'


yesRemember only do what you can, have a go, and see how far you get.yes


Enjoy and speak to you tomorrow.

Miss Henderscare, Mrs McMonster and the year 1 Team