Byker Primary School


Good morning everyone! Well we are another day closer to being together again. We hope you managed to get some of the work done yesterday, but don't worry if you didn't. The fact you are tuning in is great! Did you enjoy the video clip? We're not entirely sure why the little boy was camping on his own, but we thought you would like it. 


Now, on to the real challenge! Did anyone get the brainteaser? We asked a few friends and family. Of course either the people we live with, using FaceTime or by shouting at them from two metres away! We had answers like water ( you can hold water in a jug, cup, bucket), love   (a good guess), feather- we're not going to name the person who suggested this, but we're sure you could hold a feather for longer than a minute!


Have you given up? The answer is ......... your breath. 


Very well done if you got it!!

Keep on smiling. 
Mrs Barnes, Mr Goldsborough and Ms Jarvis



Below are your activities for today.


1. Mark your Mental Maths (10 minutes)

2. Mark your RIC (5-10 minutes)

3. Mark your writing. The speech marks you needed to put in have been highlighted. You need to look carefully. (5 - 10 minutes)


4. Today's Mental Maths. You know you only need to do one. (20 -25 minutes).

5. Writing task. You are going to write a diary entry. Everything you need is on the sheet. There is an example on page 2 to help you.  (25 minutes)