Byker Primary School


Good morning playgroup children.

Its Friday already! Wow, how did that happen so quickly? We hope you’ve had a lovely week learning with your families.

Friday’s activity for you to try at home is to make a Cress Head. To join in with this activity you will need an egg shell/ yoghurt pot, cotton wool, cress seeds, and coloured pens. It couldn't be easier to grow, maybe once your cress has grown you could make an egg and cress sandwich to eat yum yum! Please share any pictures of your Cress Heads to our Byker Books Facebbok page we would love to see them.  We also have our final nursery rhyme of the week for you to sing-along to.  Today's rhyme is Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. Can you make a diamond shape with your fingers?

Next week we will be reading one of our favourite stories, Goldilocks and the Three Bears. To join in with some of our activities you will need to keep any cardboard boxes, rolls of unwanted wallpaper, porridge oats, shaving foam and your favourite Teddy Bear. Keep them safe because we will be using them throughout the week.

Please continue to stay safe at home and enjoy your time together.

We miss you every single day.

Enjoy your weekend!

Love from all of the Playgroup staff.