Byker Primary School


Hello Year 2,


Welcome to Tuesday. How are you all feeling? We hope you are feeling happy and content. If you’re feeling a little grumpy and fed up, that’s ok too. We are all living in a weird kind of world at the minute and it might make us feel lots of different emotions at different times. We have found a little quote for you today which will hopefully get you motivated and make you smile. Take a look…

We especially like this quote because it’s good to remind ourselves of how brilliant we have already been and use this to keep being brilliant. Well done Year 2 – we could not be prouder of you all.


On to today’s tasks… We hope you are enjoying learning lots of fun facts about nocturnal animals. How did you all find writing your owl facts? Can you believe that owls don’t usually make their own nests? How very sneaky of them!


We have uploaded Tuesday’s work below. As always, try your best, as your best is all you can do. Take mini breaks and get some fresh air with an adult too.


Be kind to your family, stay safe and remember to keep going. You are all amazing!


Mrs Bradley, Miss Mackay, Mrs Brice and Mrs Cook