Byker Primary School


Happy Tuesday year 3!


Today we have some maths for you, we are looking at poetry again in English and in guided reading we will be reading chapter 2. The guided reading task is super funny today! We can't wait to see your posters telling us how to look after a grown up!

Stay safe, don't forget to take breaks and look after yourselves. 



How to NOT go to SCHOOL 

Read chapter 2 and answer these questions: 


1. Have you or anyone in your family had cabin fever? What is it like?

2. What can we do to avoid catching cabin fever?

3. Is it OK to sometimes have cabin fever? 


Your creative task: Create a poster about, “How to Look after your Grown-up”

1. Read about each animal that grown-ups are compared to and think of a short piece of advice.

E.g. Stick Insects ->  Talk regularly with grown-ups to cheer them up

2. Think about how to layout your poster.

Could the title be at the top and the advice down the middle? Or the title could be written on a drawing of Parsley and the advice in speech bubbles? Make a very quick plan on a scrap piece of paper.

3. Create your poster

Start with a ruler and pencil to write the text and draw lines.
Then add colour and any drawings or decorations