Byker Primary School


English work Thursday 19th March 2020

LO To show character awareness of another's feelings.

I would like you to write as Mr Tom. You are writing in your diary about today's events. William has just had his letter saying that he must go back home to London; he will be returning tomorrow morning. 

Mr Tom has just put William to bed and is now writing in his diary. 

I would like a paragraph on today's events (reading the letter and William's reaction) from Mr Tom's point of view.

A paragraph of Mr Tom speculating on what William is thinking / fearful about.

A paragraph of what Mr Tom thinks will happen when he tries to take William to the train station in the morning. 

Success Criteria

Good progress

Focus on not starting every sentence with I.

Use a relative clause.

Outstanding progress

Use a semi-colon to link two main clauses.

Use a passive sentence. EG The letter was read by William.