Byker Primary School


Hello Year 5! Mr Thacker here! I hope that you all had a great weekend and are now enjoying the new rule of having unlimited exercise, but staying alert! I know you will all be missing each other! Us teachers are missing each other too, so Miss Ruffman and I had a lovely online catch up with Mr G and Miss Taylor recently, we cannot wait to get back to school blush

English Task


This week we will be completing work on a dramatic short movie called 'The Lighthouse'. Watch it carefully and answer the questions by clicking on the link below. Good luck smiley


Remember that these are optional tasks that should take you no longer than an hour. 



I did record a video to show you this but I am having trouble connecting my phone to my laptop and it keeps failing - I hate technology! sadSo anyway, we are adding and subtracting two fractions which have the same bottom number (denominator).

You need to:

  • Add or subtract the top numbers (numerators), whichever operation the question says.
  • The bottom number (denominator) does not change - DO NOT ADD THEM!
  • Your answer may be an improper fraction, so you may need yo convert it to a mixed number.



4/8 + 5/8 = 9/8 (improper!) = 1 whole and 1 eighth