Byker Primary School


Hello to you all. How was your weekend? We hope you managed to do some fun things. We are still missing you all. Keep up the good work!


We thought to get your brains going we would give you a riddle. See if you can work it out. The answer will be on tomorrow's page. Are you ready?


What is as light as a feather, but the strongest person in the world cannot hold it for longer than one minute?


                                Get thinking!  It took us a while to work this one out!


Here are today's tasks. You know the drill now. Only do what you can. If you want to take a break from our activities and just do some times tables practice or some reading, that's absolutely fine. Above everything else, we want you to be happy and safe.


1. Reading. You can read anything you like comic, book, magazine an eBook. (10 minutes)

2. Mental Maths. You know you only have to do one of them. Mental Maths 2 is a little harder if you fancy a challenge. (20 -25 minutes)

3. RIC- Yes, another super video clip for you to watch and answer questions about. (15 minutes)

4. Writing Task. Can you remember how to use speech marks? (20 minutes)


All the answers (including the riddle at the start) will be on tomorrow's page.


Stay safe, have fun and be kind.

Keep on smiling.

Ms Jarvis, Mrs Barnes and Mr Goldsborough