Byker Primary School


It's Monday morning! 


This week, your fabulous year 3 teachers have found an online book. The book is called "How to NOT go to SCHOOL."


We find it is very funny and relatable. We are sure you will find it funny too. 

Each day you can read one chapter of the book and we will post some fun tasks to do with each chapter. If you would rather just read the book and enjoy it at your own pace, that is fine. The tasks are just if you fancy doing a little extra! 


We all know how important it is to practise reading. We have still uploaded the usual English work each day, think of this book like a guided reading lesson.


Have fun! heart

How to NOT go to SCHOOL 

Read chapter 1 and answer these questions: 


1. If you could have any animals, what would they be? 

2. What would you call them? 

3. What would be the benefits of having these animals? 

4. Would there be any problems? What?