Byker Primary School


Good Morning Nursery.  We hope you had a brilliant half term and enjoyed the lovely weather, it has been gorgeous.  We have enjoyed going on walks and eating ice cream and ice lollies.

Today is Monday and it is a brand new month.  Does anyone know what month it is if last month was May?  Let's sing our Months of the Year song to help us.


January, February, March and April,

May, June, July and August,

September, October, November, December

These are the Months of the Year.


Have you guessed? Yes, it is June and today is Monday 1st June.


This week the activities we will be uploading for you to try will be based on a story about a dragon called Marmaduke. We love this story and we hope you enjoy it too.

Today's activities are predicting what might happen in the story, reading the story, making a dragon and a same or different activity.  Remember all the activities we upload are optional. 

Have fun.

Mrs Bulford, Mrs Richards and Miss Henderson