Byker Primary School


Good morning to you all. Its Tuesday and we hope you continue to be safe and well.

Did you have fun making your musical instrument yesterday? Have you been practising using your paper plate shaker?

Today we have another rhyme for you to join in with, Row, Row, Row Your Boat. We love singing this rhyme at playgroup and screaming at the top of our voices. If you do this at home we hope you don’t scare anyone!

We also have a potion making activity for you to join in with today. We hope the sun will make an appearance so you will be able to spend some time in your outdoor space. Don’t worry if not, you can still make your potion indoors. What will you put into your potion? Flowers, petals, leaves? Can you make up a spell for your potion?

If you haven't already done so, please have a look at our Byker Books Facebook page. It has lots of links and ideas for you all to use. We would love for you to share some of the work you have been doing together.

Please remember to wash your hands often, this is so important for us all to help us stay safe and well.

We miss you very much and hope you're taking care of one another.

Love from all of the Playgroup staff.