Byker Primary School


Happy Friday team!smiley Hopefully it will not be too long before we are able to see each other again! Mr Thacker is the one who has been enjoying having lots of cakes being made for him in his house, but at my house I have been busy in the kitchen over the last couple of weeks, I've made cookies, berry crumble and a cake!
Below you will find your final tasks for this week. Have a lovely weekend!

MATHS TASK - MENTAL MATHS - 45 minutes max!

Today I have prepared some mental Maths questions for you. They are a similar layout to the questions we complete at school. I have included a wide range of questions: roman numerals, multiplication, division, missing number problems, temperature - the list goes on! Remember, if you get stuck, miss a question out and come back to it at the end! 

English task


Happy Friday! Time to finish off the week with another grammar quiz! These are questions that we have covered at some point during Year 5. The answers are on the final page again so you could mark your answers at the end and see how many you got right! Remember no peeking surpriselaugh


Have a great weekend Year 5!