Byker Primary School


Good Morning Year 6,

Now, we certainly weren't expecting this to occur in our last week of term were we? 

Fingers crossed that we manage to get back into school by Friday and we can enjoy some festive cheer together before the holidays. There will be plenty of craft to fit in at the end of the week but if you have any resources at home, you could have a go yourself. 


We know it can be tricky doing school work at home but please try your best to complete what we upload. You should be able to work independently although coordinates may be difficult remotely! For each piece completed, there will be 10 raffle tickets given. Just bring it in on Friday so we can have a look smiley 


Here is today's work:


English - Create a book review about Floodland and compare it to Holes. Give your honest opinion and look at the examples provided. 


Maths - Looking at the Four Quadrants. Read and write the coordinates in all four quadrants (plotting may have to wait until we are back in school!) 


Mental Arithmetic 


60 Second Read - Christmas Reading Comprehension 


Spelling Activity - Can you spot the spelling mistakes in the passage? 


Take care,


Miss Taylor and Mr Thacker smiley