Byker Primary School


Good morning Playgroup children.

How are you today? Can you remember that Angela has two cats named Louie and Lola? Louie stayed out all night last night and Angela was very worried. He came back this morning and greedily ate both his and Lola's breakfast! He's a mischievous cat. That's a long word, mischievous. Can you say it? It means he's been up to mischief. We wonder what he got up to during the night. Have you any ideas? Please share them with us on our Byker Books Facebook page.

Today is Wednesday and it's the middle of the week. We continue with counting rhymes and today's rhyme is 1,2,3,4,5 Once I Caught A Fish Alive this is Emma’s favourite rhyme. We also have our cup cake recipe for you to follow. If you would like to join in, have your ingredients ready and don't forget to wash your hands before you begin. We hope your cup cakes taste better than Cecilia's cake she made last week!

Enjoy your cup cakes.

Love from all of the Playgroup staff.