Byker Primary School


Hola Year 1,


How are we all doing today?

What has made you happy this week?smiley


Today's activities:

1)Literacy- We are going to look at the poem "The Caterpillar" and writing a poem for the colours yellow and gold. Can you think of anything that are these colours you could use?

2)Numeracy- Something a little bit different today, as we are looking at measurement including volume and capacity, today we are going to experiment with things around the house.

3)Phonics- Our sound today is 'ie' can you think of any words with the sound 'ie' in?

4)Art- Let's get creative looking at a famous artist Andy Goldsworthy. I would love to see what you create.


yesRemember do what you can, this is just a guide.yes


Speak to you tomorrow,

Year 1 Team.