Byker Primary School


Hello everyone!smiley I hope everyone is well and managing their tasks for this week so far!

I have found a great video for Kids Yoga.  Have you ever tried it before? Why don't you give it ago? I usually go to classes twice a week, but now I do live online classes from my lounge! It really helps me to stretch, relax and clear my mind after a busy day! Give it a try - I bet you will feel great afterwards.

Your tasks for today are below. Good luck and remember do not spend all day on them - make sure you get some fresh air!

MATHS TASK - Comparing and Ordering Fractions

Today we are looking at how to compare and order fractions that have a different denominator but are multiples of the same number. I have added a little video clip which explains what you need to do - hopefully it should all come back to you! The video focuses on comparing two fractions, on your sheet your questions go up to ordering 3 fractions - but it is the same method - just remember you have to make the denominators the same, and the fraction/fractions with the biggest denominator you don't need to change/touch.

Here is the link to my video:



English task


Our final piece of work on 'Taking Flight'. The young boy and his grandad go on many amazing adventures. It's the next day and the boy is at his grandad's house again. Can you create a new adventure that they go on? I have given you some ideas to consider, good luck blush