Byker Primary School


Happy Wednesday - we are half way through the weeksmiley!

Miss Ruffman here and if you know me, you know I love Art and drawing and love joining in whenever you are creating something in class. So I have attached some lessons on how to draw cartoons for anybody who would like to take part and learn some new drawing skills! I have been doodling one of of the seven drawfs, I have attached a picture below.. but I have no idea which one he is!


How to draw cartoons of different aged people e.g. toddlers, teenagers, adults

How to draw cartoon faces

How to draw cartoon bodies

How to draw cartoon animals


Today we are looking at how to convert a mixed number fraction to an improper faction - so the opposite of what we did yesterday. I have attached a little video to remind you of the method. Good luck!

English task


Using speech! This something we have not done in a while! Can you add some thoughts and feelings to these characters' speech bubbles? I have done an example for you angel