Byker Primary School


Hello Year 4,


Welcome to Wednesday morning Cyber school! We love Wednesdays! Do you? Did you know it is 'Wellbeing Week'?  It is very important, especially in these strange times, to look after our physical and emotional wellbeing.  So we have added some activities today, which will help you look after your mind and body.


We hope you are enjoying writing your persuasive letter to the council! We know you can all be very convincing when you put your mind to it!  Can you remember when we wrote to the Queen and the Prime Minister, trying to persuade them to keep open the English Boarder Gates, so that Ahmit could be reunited with his family?  You wrote with passion and determination! They were excellent letters. We definitely have some strong world leaders in Year 4!


So today your task is to write the third paragraph, which is the second reason why the council should find Esther a hostel room.  Can you imagine living in rubbish dump.  Esther seems remarkably happy and she seems to be grateful for the simple things in life.  Like the beautiful pattern the diamond ring makes on the ceiling of her camp. 


Today's maths is something we all enjoyed working out back in October.  Its multiplying by 10 and 100.  There is a short teaching screen to look at first, if you are feeling a little rusty! We are sure you will ace it!


We hope you have a great day! Remember a little bit of work and  lots of family fun!  Just try to keep those brains ticking while we are not together. If things get too frustrating, just give that activity a miss and start something new.


Take care and continue to stay safe!

Mrs Barnes, Ms Jarvis and MrGoldsbrough  laugh


1.  Mark yesterdays mental maths (5 - 10 minutes)

2. Complete 1 maths activity.  Both activities are in the same document, the second is a little trickier. (25 minutes)

3. Quiet reading time (purple mash, magazine, information book, recipes, narrative, poetry) (15 minutes)

3.  Continue writing your persuasive letter. (30 minutes)

4.  Well being activities for your mind and body.