Byker Primary School


Good morning Playgroup children, families and friends.

We hope you are well and have enjoyed your weekend. It's Monday, the beginning of the week and this is the last week of term before the summer holidays.

It's been a strange time and we can't wait to get back to some normality. When we come back to school in September, we will be supporting some of our children with their transition into Nursery. We can’t wait to see how much you've all grown. We are looking forward to helping you manage this move. We know that you will absolutely love being in Nursery, where you will have your own drawers for your belongings and you will have your own coat pegs too. There is a big fish tank in Nursery and you will have to remind your teacher to feed the fish every day. Angela has named the biggest fish Sylvia because she is a beautiful silvery colour. You will get the chance to name the other fish too.

This week we are re visiting The Three Little Pigs book as we know how much you all love this story and it's Ashley's favourite. We have some counting rhymes for you to enjoy too.

We miss you all so very much and we can't to see you all in September. 

Tomorrow we have a little pigs house activity, to join in you will need: paper/card or cardboard boxes, scissors, glue, dried spaghetti, sticks/twigs, and red coloured paper.

Sending you all lots and lots of love from all of the Playgroup staff.