Byker Primary School


And just like that ..... it's Friday! Well done on completing another week during these tricky times Year 5! You will find your final activities below! I have also attached another video - a helpful trick when writing out your 9 times table, this blows my mind every time!!surpriselaugh. Have a lovely weekend Year 5! 

9x Table Trick.MOV

Still image for this video


Today we have our final Harry Potter reading task based on the chapter The Man With Two Faces... pages 310-311. Remember, the pages are attached underneath if you don't have your book with you.

Top Tips

  • Before you start.. READ THE TEXT! You cannot answer questions when you haven't read the information.
  • Remember to scan the text to retrieve information.
  • Remember to read the full questions CAREFULLY! If a question says give evidence, you need to find a phrase/sentence/bit of speech that backs up what you are saying in your answer

Maths task


We are finishing off the week with a times table challenge! I know that my class loved doing this last term. If you can, answer as many questions as you can in 10 minutes and then see how many you got correct using the answer sheet. Then next week you will try to beat your score! laughblushsurprise