Byker Primary School


Happy Friday Year 1!


We hope you have had a fun week looking at Charlie and the Chocolate factory. Do you have any idea what we could be looking at next week?

Quote of the day

"A little magic can take you a long way."- James and the giant peach (Miss A Henderson's favorite Roald Dahl book.)


Today's Activities:

1)Literacy- Write instructions on how to make your chocolate bar.

2)Numeracy- Addition and subtraction problems.

3)Phonics- Choose one of the activities to do.

4)Let's get active- either do one of our P.E challenges or find something active to do. 


Remember, only do what you can, have a go and see how far you get.


yesHave a lovely weekend and we will speak to you on Monday.yes


Year 1 Team smiley