Byker Primary School



Happy Tuesday to you all!

Did you like the video clip yesterday about Esther? We hope so. Enjoy today's activities, but do not worry if you don't do all of them. Do what you can. You can always go on other learning websites. We really like BBC Bitesize. The link is below if you want to have a look. It's got all sorts of lessons and activities on there with clips to show you what to do. Its for everything from art to science to music. Have a look. cool


Have fun, be kind and keep on smiling.

Mr Goldsborough, Ms Jarvis and Mrs Barnes


Here are today's tasks.

1. Mark yesterday's Mental Maths (10 minutes)

2. Mark yesterday's RIC.  (5- 10 minutes)

3. Mark yesterday's writing (10 minutes)


4. Reading from a book, magazine or eBook. There are loads of eBooks on Purple Mash. Click on Serial Mash and have a look. ( 10 minutes).

5. Mental Maths. You only need to do one of them. Mental Maths 2 is slightly harder.

6. Writing activity. Today and tomorrow you are going to write a persuasive letter. Today you will be writing two paragraphs. The introduction and your first reason.  

When you have finished your writing. You could read it to somebody in your house to see what they think?. (25 minutes)