Byker Primary School


Good morning everyone, it's Friday and the end of the school week.  I hope you have nice plans for the weekend, I think the weather is improving on Sunday, I can't wait!


I have some very exciting news ... we have 4 butterflies and at least 2 that are ready to pop out at any moment!  Below are 2 links so you can see for yourselves.   The first is a time lapse recording of the first 2 emerging from their cocoons.  The second is a real time recording, that Amy and Martin were able to catch yesterday afternoon as butterfly number 4 was born.  I'm really glad they saw this one, as the butterfly was having a little trouble turning over.  Don't worry, they were able to help it, and it was able to crawl up the side of the butterfly habitat and fill it's wings with blood so it can fly, phew! 


During the the first recording, you will see some red liquid spread across the lid where one of the cocoons was attached, this is call meconium.  With the help of an adult, using either a web search or dictionary, carry out an investigation to find out what this is.


You will find maths and phonics activities for the day below.  It is worth mentioning however,  that from next week this will look a little different.  Reception's activities will be uploaded on a weekly, not daily basis.  Miss Bell and I will be sharing this, so all of the activities you will find on here will be for both classes.  As well as maths and phonics, there will be other activities for you to engage with.  It's a very strange time for us all, and we want to ensure that we provide the best opportunities for everyone to access a wide range of learning.  


We all wish you a great weekend.  Continue to keep yourselves safe and well.  You are doing an amazing job, and we're really grateful for all of your hard work and effort at this time.


Mrs Smith, Miss Holden and Miss Davidson

Good morning boys and girls. 

If yesterday was Thursday, what day is it today? Well done! It is Friday.


Before we get on with todays work, I would like to explain some changes that are going to be happening as of next week. When you visit the Reception class page on Monday, things will look slightly different. Instead of 1 page per day, we are going to be working on 1 page per week. Within this star you will find a weekly plan (overview of everything to complete if you wish) along with all required resources which will be titled with the day they are needed. 

The weekly overview is only there for you to complete the work if you choose too, as well as including some wonderful topic ideas that you can do at home. The work uploaded will be for both my class and Mrs Smiths class, and myself and Mrs Smith will be alternating the planning on a weekly basis. Things will become a lot clearer on Monday when you see the new pages, however I wanted to make you aware of the changes ahead.

There have been so many changes happening on a daily basis in these uncertain times and I want to reiterate the importance of keeping yourselves safe, staying healthy and enjoying time with your loved ones. As I have already said, I really do not want ANYONE to feel any form of pressure to complete the work uploaded, and only complete it if you wish to. 


Back to today!! As we have already discussed further up, today is Friday which means one thing... Tricky word Friday. Your phonics work today is based all around our tricky words and should only take around 30minutes to complete. We are also continuing to look at Sharing in Maths which I have also attached. 

BREAKING NEWS!!!!!! WE NOW HAVE BUTTERFLIES!!!!! Mrs Smith is going to be including a link where you can watch the birth of some Butterflies on a time lapse video. Ensure to check it out! It is fantastic!!!!

That's enough from me today boys and girls, I will check back in with you on Monday where there are going to be many more exciting learning opportunities available to you. 


I hope you all have an absolutely wonderful weekend, let's hope Mr Sunshine puts his hat back on!


As always my darlings, keep smilinglaugh

Miss Bell heart