Byker Primary School


Morning Year 3,


As the weekend starts tomorrow, (it's Saturday!) and lots of us are still staying at home to help stop the spread of the virus, we thought we would share some great ideas to keep you busy and happy that we have found on newsround.


Take a look by clicking below


There are five things to try, all to do with nature or vitamin N laugh


I love the wildlife-themed yoga poses!


Have fun and don't forget that you can share what you have been doing on our fantastic Byker Books Facebook page! Mrs Pace and all of the adults would love to see! Who can do the butterfly or snail pose?


Stay safe, we think you and your parents are AMAZING!


Your Year 3 Teachers heartwink




Today we would like you to write your very own newspaper article. How exciting! We would like you to report on Captain Scott's famous journey! Use the template to help you with the layout and use the word card to help you with your writing. 

Don't forget to include an eye catching headline! 

The word card has lots of interesting vocabulary to inspire you, including lots of sentence openers to keep your readers interested.

Good luck! Try your best! We are so excited to see them.