Byker Primary School


Hello Year 2 and happy Friday, smiley


Can you believe we have almost reached the end of another week of cyber school? Just today’s activities to accomplish and ta-da, we’ll be there. We simply can’t tell you all enough how great you are!


We have uploaded today’s tasks and the answers to yesterday's mental maths below. In maths, you will find some symmetry work. Can you remember when we looked at symmetry in school, after Christmas, and used mirrors to find lines of symmetry? We also folded some paper shapes up so we could investigate lines of symmetry. Don’t worry if you can’t remember as it’s been a little while since then. In English you will be writing the opening of your story based on Oliver. Remember Year 2, you are writing for a new character now, not Oliver. There is also a wellbeing activity that I have uploaded for you, all about being kind to yourself. heart It’s always important to be kind to yourself, but it is even more so during these strange times when we’re not always together.  


Like we always say, have a go, try your best, if it gets too much, have a rest! Try again and have some fun, you'll feel amazing once you're done! Did you like my little rhyme there? wink Good luck Year 2!


Sending lots of cheery smiles and high fives your way Year 2. laugh  Hope to see you all soon.


Mrs Bradley, Miss Mackay, Mrs Brice and Mrs Cook