Byker Primary School


Good morning everyone!

Hope everyone is safe and well and had a nice start to the week, even though the weather was cold and miserable. It was still nice to get out and do some exercise, taking in the fresh air and appreciating the beautiful world we live in. 


Today, I have attached both classes of Phonics and Maths. As of Wednesday, we have decided to upload one set of work for both classes to complete if you wish. We appreciate how difficult these times are, and we wanted to personally thank you all for your continuing hard work and support. It is extremely strange for everyone, yet the level of resilience on a whole has been outstanding! So again, thank you. 


Below you will find your Maths and Phonics work. As always, please don't feel pressured to complete it all, it is there purely for you to enjoy at your own leisure. 


As always Reception, keep shining and keep smiling!!!

Miss Bell & Mrs Smith. laugh


Boys and Girls your topic work for today is uploaded below. 

What I would like you to do is read through the fact sheets all about Caterpillars and Butterflies and absorb as much information as you can. The reason for this is because the follow up topic work this week is all related to the information so I thought it would be useful for you to have a simple reading task today. Enjoy :)